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heat material: PTC Thermistor

Type: Patio Heaters

Patio Heaters Type: Electric

Name: PTC heater

Model Number: 12V 50W

Feature: Stocked









Product Manual

PTC ceramic air heater 50W 12V conductive type


Rated Power: 50W

Rated Voltage: 12V AC / DC (Either AC or DC is available)

Size: 9.3 * 31 cm

PTC Chips Temperature: 220 degrees Celsius ( 10 degrees Celsius)

heat material: PTC Thermistor

heat methods: heat radiation by air flow


Package include:

1 x PTC heating element 12V


Main usded in: clothes dryer / Air conditioning units / equipment / General electric appliance / Air curtain machine etc.



Be careful when use it.

This is a kind of Surface-Electrified PTC heater.

When the heater is working, the aluminum parts are conductive.



PTC Features & Benefits:

1. Security: PTC products with constant fever, no open flame, heat conversion rate, subject to the supply voltage with minimal impact and other traditional heating elements can not match advantage, used in electric appliances in more and more popular in the R & D engineers.

2. Energy saving: PTC product has an automatic energy-saving features, the heater when the ambient temperature is raised, the power will be gradually reduced, only 90% of rated power, 80%, or less.

3. Long life: when in normal use PTC products is not damaged because of their own reasons, or even thousands of times repeatedly switch has no effect on its performance, a measure of its life is its degree of aging. General standards for power decay after 2000 hours is less than 10%.


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