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window tinting for home: tint mirror film mirror tinted window film window film home


silver window film: solar film home vinyl film for glass window tinting mirror

is_customized: Yes

insulation window film: glass window film WINDOW FILM PRIVACI

Width: 30/40/50/60/70/80/90 cm

Type: Glass Films

Surface Treatment: Stained

Surface Treatment: Opaque

Origin: CN(Origin)

Model Number: Glass Films

Material: PET

Length: 2/3/5 Meter


Function: Heat Insulation

Function: Explosion-Proof

Function: Decorative

Features: Daytime Privacy Protection Building Decor

Feature: Self-Adhesive

Brand Name: AFDB

Applicable location: For Window Glass


DAYTIME PRIVACY PROTECTION - The outside glass will show a mirror effect to keep your privacy while allowing light to come in during DAYTIME.

UV PROTECTION - AFDB Anti UV Static Cling blocks 97% of UV rays, protects skin from damage, and reduces furniture fading and aging.

ENERGY SAVING - Warm and comfortable in winter, heat insulation in summer, reduce costs, energy saving.

GLUE FREE, EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE- WochiTV non-adhesive window film is glue-free and user-friendly to avoid release of chemicals. Very easy to install. You only need some water (soap water will be better) to apply it.

REUSABLE - Premium PVC material offers extra durability, can be re-positioned and reused repeatedly. You can attach and remove this Vinyl window film at any time.


WochiTV SUN BLOCKING WINDOW FILM blocks up to 96% of UV rays and protects skin from damage. Meanwhile the home window tint effectively filters the glare, reduces furniture fading&aging and provides a comfortable environment.

Frequently Asked Questions of Our One Way Window Film:

Q:Why does the film peel off?

A:Make sure to tear off the protective film ( transparent film) before installation.

Q:How can the film stick well and lets bubbles disappear?

A:Spraying enough water (soap water will be better) is the key point Water makes it easier to smooth out the air bubbles.

Q:At night, when it is lighter inside, why is there no privacy protection?

A:Our One Way Window Mirror Privacy Film provides great intended privacy ONLY during daytime. The side with brighter light would show a mirror-like appearance. So the mirror-effect would be reversed at night since the inside will be brighter than the outside, which means people would be able to SEE THROUGH the window.Please know before buying.


1.Add a few drops of the shampoo into the water, spray a mass of water on the glass and film, it will be convenient and easy to work.

2.Before installation, please check the green arrow icon in the corner of the window film, which says "peel off from here" Please be sure the backing film is peeled off; otherwise, the film will fall off when the water is dry.

3.If your window edge is not flatness, maybe you can try to cut 0.1 inch smaller than the glass size in order to fit tightly with glass.

4.When applying in cold weather: Soft the film up by blowing hot air to it using a hair dryer(Heat Resistant up tp 176℉)


DURING DAYTIME, The outside glass will show a mirror effect to keep your privacy. People inside the window can see the outside through the light, but it is not easy for people outside to see inside.

AT NIGHT, due to the brighter light in the window, privacy protection is no longer provided, and you are allowed to see inside the window, so please remember to draw the curtains to protect your privacy at night.


In summer, our heat insulation window film can reduce temperature from 5° to 10° .Saving energy and environmental protection. The heat control film achieves the effect of heat insulation by reflecting and blocking various heat sources in the sunlight.

In winter, the indoor temperature is higher than that of the outdoor, and the thermal conductivity of the window tint film is poor, blocking the conduction of temperature, just like putting a layer of warm clothing on the glass.


AFDB one way privacy window film is self adhesive film. This privacy window film does not require any glue during installation and use, so you don't have to worry about damage to the glass or any residue when it is removed.

Just installed with plenty of soapy water. Very easy to install.


After using this glass privacy window film, the window glass is equivalent to having a protective layer to keep the broken glass together when the glass explodes, so that you will be protected from the damage caused by the broken glass.


Step 1. Keep Window or Glass clean.

Step 2. Measure width and height of the glass area.

Step 3. Cut the film 3mm wider than the glass size.

Step 4.Find the green arrow in the corner of the product. then peel off the tansparent backing of film.

Step 5.Spray enough water on the glass surface and back side of the film.

Step 6.Make sure the four corner are steadily adhere to the glass.

Step 7. Use the squeegee to extra water &air from center with the proper strength.

Step 8. Cut out the excess part of 3mm gap from the edge of glass to the film.

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