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Specification/Piece: 100G

Origin: CN(Origin)

Number of Pcs: 1pc

Item Form: Powder


Doing laundry takes so much time because of the tough stains on your clothes, that are almost impossible to get rid off.

This Color-Proof Laundry Stain Remover will help you have a relaxing laundry time!

Bye-bye to toughest stains

This product has a BUBBLING OXYGEN  that deeply penetrates and breaks down stains on your laundry, so there's no need to use brushes, or hand washing your clothes to get rid of stains.

Odor-Free and Germ-free

It has a Unique  that deodorizes and disinfects your laundry.

Don't be scared to get rid of stains on your favorite red dress.

This product has a color friendly that will protect any colored fabric from fading.

Tough on stains but not on color

This protects color from fading and prevents white clothes from turning yellowish. It also brightens up the color of your laundry!

They say most detergent are not safe, but the Color-Proof Laundry Stain Remover is!

It's safe on skin even when you soak your hands in it for hours!


Weight: 200 g

This product contains:

2 X bleaching powder

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