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feature 3: Automatic chicken coop door light sensor

feature 2: Chicken Coop Door Opener

feature 1: Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener Kit

Origin: CN(Origin)

Model Number: Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener Kit

Material: Plastic

Dog Door Item Type: Doors & Gates

Applicable Dog Breed: Universal


Input: 110V-220V

Motor voltage: 12VDC

Power: 30W

No-load power: 1W

Input frequency: 50/60HZ

Output voltage: 14V

Output current: 0.35

No-load power: 1W

Motor moving speed: 5MM/s

Environmental conditions from: -30°C to 55°C

Protection level: IP44

Push rod stroke: 60MM

Package size: 46*17*11.5

Weight: 2.5kg

Product Description

(1)Side door design:

The side-opening door design meets the needs of different chicken house doors and solves the trouble of squeezing livestock;

(2)Two intelligent control methods:

We have time control and brightness control to control the door opening and closing time;

(3)Wireless Remote Control

Equipped with two remote controls (without batteries), convenient to control the opening and closing time at any time;

(4)multi-language instructions

There are multi-language manuals (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish), making it easier for you to use;

(5)Outdoor rainproof & Rain shield

Our rainproof grade PI44, With transparent rain shield,can be safely installed outdoors

(6)Energy saving

When our products are in use, the power is 30W, and the no-load power is 1W, which is energy-saving and low-consumption;

(7)Solar panel connection

The control box has a port for connecting to the solar panel, which can save power and meet a variety of uses;

(8)Easy Installation

Without complicated wiring or cabling. Make sure your duck or goose is protected at night and protect your chickens from predators.

【Upgradedesign & Side door】The side-opening door meets the installation methods of different chicken houses and makes the management of livestock more convenient. In order to avoid crushing the livestock, this product cancels the infrared sensor function. The opening and closing time can be set according to the time or light sensitivity, so that the livestock can be at the set time Unobstructed inside;

【Upgrade button settings】The latest generation of button settings can make it more convenient for you to use the setting time; the sensor light source line is built-in, without complicated wiring and cables, plug and play. Equipped with a manual remote control, you can open and close the chicken cage door at any time in rainy days.The control box has a solar panel link port, 12V universal; and is equipped with a rain shield, so you can use it with confidence;

【Timer and light sensor design】The timer function ,Set the time of automatic opening or closing, when the time has come, it works automatically.The chicken cage door opener is also equipped with a dimmable sensor, which can control the opening and closing time by pressing the button to set the different levels of the light sensing part to sense the brightness of the sun. Brightness control solves the trouble of different sunshine duration in different seasons.

【Simple installation & multi-language instructions】this chicken coop door opener requires no complicated wiring or wiring. Just install two fixing devices; we also have a multi-language manual (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish), making it easier for you to use;

【Widely application】The automatic chicken cage door suitable for all standard size chicken breeds, hens and ducks, and is especially suitable for chicken farms or duck farms.You don't need to get up in the morning to open the door of the chicken house, and you don't have to worry about forgetting to lock the door of the chicken house at night.

Package included:

Automatic Chicken Door Opener Kits x 1

Installation Kits x 1

remote control (without batteries) X 2

Rain shield X1

Multi-language manual X1

Automatic chicken house light-sensing chicken house door Automatic chicken door opening timer at night and morning delay Automatic chicken pet dog door


Light-sensitive automatic chicken house door, chicken house door, pet door, household

material: plastic

Color: black brown

Size: 35x24x3.7cm

Product weight: 400g / 480g with inner box

Battery: 3 AA batteries (not included)

Magnet: The engine contains magnetism

Function: light sensor (open the door with strong light, close the door in darkness), can be raised and lowered, waterproof (IP44)


[Lightweight design] An automatic door suitable for every chicken farmer! This automatic chicken house door opener will surprise you with its waterproof function, sturdy design, light sensor, simple user interface and most importantly light sensor, allowing you to feel free during the day and night.

[Easy to use]-It takes less than 10 minutes to install the door (no complicated wiring or wiring required). Easy to program buttons. It turns on automatically in the morning and turns off automatically in the evening. You can set a timer or use the integrated light sensor (lux).

[Battery power supply] It can be used for at least 3 years of battery life under all conditions, and can be replaced within 3 minutes, without solar batteries (the package does not include batteries).

[Rugged and durable] Suitable for extreme weather and waterproof; can work under -15°f 140°f (-26°c to 60°c) snow, rain and dust, and can withstand high and low temperatures.

[Easy to operate] means that your door will operate by itself when the sun rises, and will automatically close when the sun goes down. If necessary, you can use the test button to set an open timer.

The package includes:

1*Light-sensitive automatic chicken house door

Automatic Chicken Coop Door with Timer&Light Sensor,,with LCD Screen,Battery&power

(1) Timer and light control & four combination modes

The chicken house door opener is equipped with a timer and a light sensor, which can be combined with 4 working modes to switch arbitrarily. You can set the automatic door opening time (0:00-12:00) and closing time (12:00-23:00) of the door through the timer mode. In addition, in the light mode, there are 23 brightness intervals, and the door can also be closed and opened according to the light intensity.

(2) Super battery life & low battery alarm

Super upgraded circuit board system, only 4 1.5V ordinary batteries (the product does not include batteries), can last for 8 months; we are also equipped with a low battery alarm function, when the battery power is less than 30% (4V), the light Continuously flashing, reminding you to replace the battery in time to avoid normal foraging of chickens;

(3) Easy installation & large LCD screen

We have upgraded the working interface of the display, the external buttons are easy to use, and the LCD screen is easy to read. Just follow the user manual and within 10 minutes you can learn how to set the door opening method according to the time or light and the working principle of closing the door.

(4) DIY innovative design & multi-scenario application

Our control box can pull 0.2-0.8 kg of doors or other configurations you need; you can not only control the travel of chickens, but also control the feeding and drinking of chickens; we are also equipped with 4 pulleys and spare ropes And multi-language manual for your convenience;

(5) Weather resistant & high quality material:

Our automatic chicken coop door opener is composed of high-quality circuit boards and high-quality motors with antifreeze added. They are durable, so you can use them safely for many years. They can work normally even in extreme weather and can withstand temperatures from -22℉ to 131℉ temperature. We provide customers with professional after-sales service and lifetime technical support, please feel free to contact us.

Product selling points:

1. Power-off protection function, our program will retain the mode you previously set in the event of a power-off. When you turn on the power again, you only need to update the local time and you can resume use;

2. Brightness sensor control, 23 levels of brightness adjustable, and includes automatic brightness sensor function;

3. Time control, you can freely set the opening and closing time;

4. Four control modes, time control and brightness control can be used interchangeably;

5. LCD liquid crystal display, easy to operate and use;

6. The control panel is equipped with buttons for adjusting the height of the door ascending and descending, and a remote control test button;

7. Remote control control; the control range is about 40 meters.

8. Low battery alarm function, when it is lower than 30% (4V)), the light flashes and the alarm prompts;

9. It can be connected to solar energy to meet the voltage of 6V;

10. Can be connected to a power adapter;

11. Super battery life, only 4 1.5V ordinary batteries, can last about 8 months;

12. The range of gravity that the controller can pull the door is: 0.2-0.8kg;

13. (About 10s) Automatic screen off, effectively saving power;

14. Waterproof level P44;

15. Luxury accessories: 4 pulleys, spare ropes, 2 remote controls, instruction manual in five languages;

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