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DIY Aromatherapy Wax Silicone Mold Super Popular Personalized Gifts Flower Ornaments Wax Mold Soap Candle Mold DIY Clay Crafts

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stampi per candele in silicone: candle molds silicone

silikon candle form: candle mold

gel candle silicone candle mold: candle wax mold

decorative gel candles: wax ornaments mold

candle diy: rose flower soap molds

Use: Home Decoration

Type: Aromatherapy


Product: Candle Rose Kit

Origin: CN(Origin)

Model Number: flower candle

Material: Silicone Mold

Handmade: No

Feature: Relighting Candle

Brand Name: CHUANGGE


DIY Aromatherapy Wax Silicone Mold Super Popular Mold Flower Ornaments Wax Mold Soap Candle Mold DIY Clay Crafts candle molds silicone

-------------------------- product information --------------------------
food grade silica gel Silicone Mold
Dimension (CM):
Gift handbag reference size:

Square packing box reference size:8*8*4cm

Rectangular packing box reference size: 17*8*3.5cm

Withstand temperature:
-40~230 degrees Celsius
This product is suitable for kitchen baking, environmental protection, easy to clean, easy to use, high temperature resistance, no harmful substances. After using, please use hot water more than 80 ℃ to clean the mold, so that cleaning the remaining wax residue on the mold, then dry it for next use.
inferior silica gel will release harmful substances in the high heat environment. Please try to choose our food grade silicone products according to your own use environment.
Buyer Tips:
Aroma wax tablets can be used as home decoration, car decor accessories, wardrobe aroma, it is also a perfect gift, full of sincerity.
The necessary materials for making aromatherapy wax tablets include:
Wax, decorative dried flowers, metal buttonhole, leather rope, silicone mold, aromatherapy essential oils;
Auxiliary tools (not Necessity)for making aromatherapy wax tablets include:
Melting wax pot, thermometer, long handle spoon,tweezers.
The above materials and tools can be found in our store, you can enjoy the seller discount and coupons. 
Details of the production tutorials is in end of this page, and you can always ask customer service for help.

Candle DIY Silicone Mold



Aroma wax sheet basic packaging display

Luxury Packaging display
Luxury Packaging  Links:


Wax making steps  

①, Put the soy wax and beeswax in accordance with the proportion of 100G: 100G into the melting candles inner pot. Put a small amount of water in melting candles outer pot. Water-jacket heating: heating the bigger pot with fire,  heating the pot with wax with hot water.
②, Heat until most of the wax melt, gently stirring with chopsticks until the candle is melted completely. Do not add aromatherapy oil until oil wax liquid is cooled to 60-70 degrees, so as to avoid the high temperature resulting in evaporation.The ratio of aromatherapy oil and wax liquid is 2-5%.
③, Pour wax liquid into the mold, pay attention to the rectangular and oval-shaped mold thickness is 1.8CM, the best thickness of wax is 1CM. Control the thickness of wax liquid,   do   not make it   too thick.
④, When the wax liquid slightly turbid, use tweezers to add the dried flowers into the wax.
Must use tweezers to add dried flowers, or fingers crushed candles easily, leaving fingerprints, does not look good.
Then wait until fully cooled
⑤, Demoulding: after the wax liquid is completely solidified, begins to demoulding from the mold.
⑥, Complete.

Part of finished aromatherapy wax show:


Finished aromatherapy wax package show: 



DIY Aromatherapy Wax Silicone Mold Super Popular Personalized Gifts Flower Ornaments Wax Mold Soap Candle Mold DIY Clay Crafts
10x5X1.8CM BIG - $13.11
  • 10x5X1.8CM BIG - $13.11
  • 17x8x3.5cm - $8.05
  • 21x19x1.2cm - $13.47
  • 10X5X1.8CM BIG - Sold out
  • ROUND15x22x1.1cm - $12.95
  • 8X8X4CM - $7.39
  • 17x8x3.5cm 1 - $8.05
  • 8X8X4CM 1 - $7.39
  • ROUND23x17x2cm - $14.58
  • 6.2x8x2cm deer - $12.60
  • 21x19x1.3cm - $14.58
  • 21x19x1.3cm 1 - $14.58
  • heart 16x15x1cm - $12.95
  • star 16x16x1.3cm - $12.95
  • 13x17x1.3cm - $13.11
  • 26x19x1.3cm - $14.64
  • 16x16x1.3cm - $13.11
  • 16X15X1cm - $13.11
  • rectangle D - $12.68
  • flowers 7x3cm - $9.84
  • 20x18x1cm small - $12.95
  • 20x13x1cm small - $12.95
  • 17x17x1.3cm - $12.60
  • 19x14x1.3cm - $12.60
  • 18X17X2CM - $12.96
  • 21x17x1.3cm - $15.09
  • 16x14x1.3cm - $13.11

DIY Aromatherapy Wax Silicone Mold Super Popular Personalized Gifts Flower Ornaments Wax Mold Soap Candle Mold DIY Clay Crafts

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