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Type: Watering Kits

Origin: CN(Origin)

Model Number: 1128

Material: Plastic

Brand Name: GGKHCC


Note:When you receive the package, please charge it with the mobile phone charger for 2 hours, then long press the "save" button to open

Host size: length: 11.5cm, width: 8.6cm, height: 4.6cm

Solar powered smart watering,English voice prompts
Can be hung behind the design
No faucet, safe and secure
Manual automatic timing two modes
Easy to install and easy to operate

Can irrigate many types of plants at the same time

Garden Drip Irrigation Device Double Pump Controller Timer System Solar Energy Intelligent Automatic Watering Device for Plants

The products have CE certification, safe and reliable, factory direct sales, good quality and low price. Can be authorized to sell to the local country agent.

Product parameter

Power supply: USB charging, solar panel, built-in lithium ion battery

Battery capacity: 1200ma

Voltage: 5V

Number of pumps: 1/2pcs

Interval days: 1-9999 days

Watering frequency: 1-24 times a day

Watering time: 1 second-24 minutes

Including accessories: host, solar panel, PVC transparent water pipe, AS tee, PP water pipe

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Long press the two buttons "watering time" and "interval cycle days" to switch between dual pump/single pump mode

2. Chinese and English voice, long press the two buttons "+" and "-" to switch languages

3. Long press the "Switch/Save" button for 7 seconds to restore factory settings

4. The water supply pump can run for about 90 minutes when the battery is fully charged

5. If the battery indicator has only 3 indicator lights flashing, you can remove the data cable, and then plug it in again

6. If the battery can only be charged to 3 cells, please don’t worry, because the battery is not in use for a long time, the battery is not activated, and it will return to normal after using it many times

Video introduction

Buyer question answer

Q:What is the size of the clear watering hose?

A:4/7 mm

Q:Peut elle être programmée pour qu'elle se mette sur ON toute seule ? Merci


Q:¿como se programa y como se borran los programas ya programados? porque quise cambiar la hora y ahora me riega la hora de antes configurada y la hora nueva que quiero actual

A:El reseteo se hace pulsando 8 segundos "Save", la programacion simplemente pulsando cada tecla y viendo la luz roja para saber lo que estás programando.

A:Friends, please contact the seller. The seller has manuals in various languages in PDF file format. (Including German, French, Russian, Spanish, English, Chinese)

Q:alguien ha podido calcular o sabe cuánta agua bombea por segundo?? does anyone know how many water does it pump per second?

A:por segundos no se . Pero en 10 minutos riega maceteros de 5 litros para tres dias de humedad

A:Maximum 850ml/min per minute

Q:hi! how loud it is while working? (in decibels)

A:Very quit. I suppose About 50db . Only there is A voice who tells you quit, the pumping is finished

Q:me gustaria tener el manual en español

A:Haz una foto a la página con la app del traductor de google para traducirla rápidamente

A:Friends, you can contact the seller, the seller will provide instructions in Spanish

Q:como se puede Resetear?

A:Pulsando 8 segundos el botón "Save"

A:Long press the "save" button for 7 seconds, after the shutdown voice, you will hear the voice that the device has been reset

Q:Cual es el máximo número de días que se puede programar?

A:El ciclo de riego se repite cada día a las horas que tú elijas y durante cuánto tiempo. Ajustando el intervalo a 0 se repite lo mismo cada día, a 1 cada dos (uno si y otro no) etc

Q:fino a quante piante si possono bagnare con una doppia pompa?

A:como cada bomba se programa independientemente, sera el doble.

A:The official test data is 30 pots, but this will be affected by the length of the water pipe and the height of the water container.

Q:¿Se puede resetear y cambiar el idioma?

A:Long press the "A" + "B" key, you can switch the language, the languages are Chinese and English

Q:how long solar panels wire?


Q:È possibile sostituire la batteria? Il venditore ha i ricambi?

A:The battery can be replaced, please contact the seller

Q:can it be used outdoor?

A:The solar panel can be placed outdoors, but the host cannot be placed outdoors

about transportation

"1. Within 2 months of receiving the product, if the accessory is damaged, you can replace the accessory for free

2. If the received package is found to be missed or wrongly delivered, it can be reissued free of charge, and if it is damaged, it can be reissued free of charge.

3. The product has joined Russia’s AEplus plan, some European countries’ 10-day delivery and other logistics plans. Other countries’ time limit is generally 10-20 days. Orders placed on the same day in Beijing time, shipped on the same day, online information the next day, and online on the third day at the latest information. On statutory holidays, it will be shipped the next day, and the customer service will reply to the message normally.

The Spanish overseas warehouse will be officially opened in late 4.5. By then, the Spanish local area will be able to arrive in 1-3 days, the neighboring EU countries will arrive in 5 days, and the routes reachable countries will generally arrive in 7 days. "

About after-sales

"1. Regarding the simultaneous guarantee of 1, 2 points in transportation

2. If you encounter difficulties in operation, you can consult customer service. At present, the paper instructions are only available in English and Chinese. But taking into account the needs of other customers, we have produced an electronic version of the Russian manual and the French manual. In the follow-up, electronic manuals in Spanish, Arabic and other languages will be produced one after another. If you cannot understand Chinese or English, you can contact customer service, and the customer service will send the language manual you need to your mailbox. If you still cannot use the device after reading the manual, we can use WhatsApp, WeChat and other social software to video with you to teach you how to set up and use the device and ensure that you can use the device normally. Similarly, if we reissue the accessories to you, but you will not install them, you can also contact customer service, who will give you the best after-sales service according to the situation.

3. If you accidentally damage the accessories while using the product, and the situation is not very serious, you can contact customer service, and the customer service can reissue the small accessories for you free of charge. After receiving it, please write us a good review. Your support is The greatest encouragement to us is also our motivation to move forward; if it is caused by a serious man-made damage, you can also contact customer service. Generally, you can get replacement parts only by paying a small amount of shipping. "

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