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style 9: baloon garland

style 8: ballon garland

style 7: balloon decoration

style 6: balloon arch

style 5: balloon garland

style 4: baby shower decoration

style 3: baby shower

style 2: birthday balloon

style 1: wedding decoration

is_customized: Yes

Type of Wholesale: Yes(>50 Pcs)

Set Type: YES

Origin: CN(Origin)

Occasion 8: Party

Occasion 7: Ballon

Occasion 6: Wedding

Occasion 5: Valentine's Day

Occasion 4: Birthday Party

Occasion 3: Gender Reveal

Occasion 2: Grand Event

Occasion 1: Christening & Baptism

Occasion: Easter

Occasion: Wedding

Occasion: Halloween

Occasion: Valentine's Day

Occasion: New Year

Occasion: Graduation

Occasion: Anniversary

Occasion: Mother's Day

Occasion: Christmas

Occasion: Party


Occasion: Father's Day

Occasion: Earth Day

Occasion: Chinese New Year

Occasion: Back To School

Occasion: April Fool's Day

Occasion: Children's Day

Occasion: House Moving

Occasion: Birthday Party

Occasion: Gender Reveal

Occasion: Retirement

Occasion: Grand Event

Occasion: Christening & Baptism

Occasion: Wedding & Engagement

Occasion: St Patrick's Day

Number of Pcs: 100pcs

Material: Latex

Classification: Ballon

Green Macaron Balloon Arch Garland Kit Happy Birthday Balloon Decoration Baby Shower Party Wedding Valentine Party Supplies

Pay Attention!!!

Dear friend, the balloons in package are not inflated, so the color will be darker than the color you can see on our pictures.
As long as you inflate the balloons, the color of the balloons will be the same as the pictures and then you can DIY them to a beautiful garland!!!


1: We have balloon arches of various colors, pink, blue, red and other exciting balloons.

2: Different colors of balloons can be applied to different scenes

3: Blue macaron balloon garland: blue symbolizes wisdom, sky, and refreshing, more suitable for baby’s first birthday banquet or baby’s birthday, gender reveal, baptism, heralds that the baby can have an extremely bright future

4: Pink macaron balloon garland: pink symbolizes cuteness, romance, youth, love, more suitable for weddings, marriage proposals, and anniversary scenes, full of dreamy colors

4: Rainbow color macaron balloon garland: Rainbow color covers red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple seven colors, it is a more beautiful symbol, contains all the good characteristics of colors, so it is suitable for all kinds Cheerful festival occasion

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