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Specification/Piece: Other

Origin: CN(Origin)

Number of Pcs: 1pc

Net content: 400g

Item Form: Powder

Japan Color Bleaching Powder Stain Removing Bleaching Agent General Whitening Decontamination Reducing Agent for White Clothes
Commodity capacity: 400g
Commercial ingredients: active oxygen particles, biological protease, color particles
Shelf life: 3 years
Use steps:
1. Pour in appropriate amount of color bleaching powder, which can be added together with washing liquid
2. Add warm water about 60 ℃ to stir
3. Soak clothes for 1-2 hours for general stains and 2-4 hours for severe stains, and slightly prolong the time for stubborn stains
4. Clean with clean water after decontamination
Scope of application: white, color, pattern fiber clothing (face, hemp, chemical fiber)
Not applicable to: leather products, wool, silk, easy to fade, non washable, metal components of clothing materials (such as buttons, zippers) and other unidentified clothing materials
According to the amount of water, it is recommended to use it
Hand washing: water volume 1L, dosage 5g
Automatic washing machine / wave wheel washing machine: 30L water, 10g dosage. The amount of water is 60L and the dosage is 20g
The roller washing machine can clean 4kg clothes with 10g color bleaching powder
1. The active oxygen particles can dissolve rapidly, produce aerobic bubbles, enter the gap between the clothing fibers, effectively dissolve the stubborn stains, make the clothing fibers breathe freely, protect the color and rinse the clothing
2. Quickly remove macula and various common stains, remove bacteria, deodorize and bleach
3. Safe formula, clothes for mother and baby are available

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